TB MIDI Stuff – Edit Roland Boutique JP08 / JU06

Die Boutique Synthesizer von Roland senden SysEx-Daten, und diese kann man auch editieren und speichern – deshalb gibt es für TB MIDI Stuff, einer Oberfläche für das iPad 2 Anpassungen für die 2 der bekannten Roland Mini-Synthesizer.

Auch geeignet, um Sounds zu sichern. –>  Hier sind die Anpassungen: Roland Boutique Jupiter/JX/Juno-Nachfolger JX03, JP08, JU06..

With TB MIDI Stuff, an iOS app (iPad) helps to edit and save patches for JP06 and JP08 (so far). To date most of us did not even know that they send MIDI SysEx Data. they do!

tb midi stuff editor JP08


 1. Roland Boutique, JU06


Roland Boutique JU06 synthesizer1x Multi Timbral, 4 Voice, (2015)
Roland Boutique , JU06 Digital Synthesizer
+ step sequencer
1 OSC, 1 Sub, 2 Filter, 1 LFO, 1 EG
subtractive digital synthesis,
0 Keys, velocity usb MIDI Ctrl, Sequencer,~299€ (in 2015) continue / weiter..?
 2. Roland Boutique, JP08


Roland Boutique JP08 synthesizer1x Multi Timbral, 4 Voice, (2015)
Roland Boutique , JP08 Digital Synthesizer
+ step sequencer
2 OSC, 2 Filter, 1 LFO, 2 EG
subtractive digital synthesis,
0 Keys, velocity no CV/MIDI Ctrl, Sequencer,~399€ (in 2015) continue / weiter..?


Electribe 2.02 – blue & red – Update

Korg bringt die bisherigen Electribes in den beiden klassischen Farben der alten X-Serie und ein Update auf 2.02 für alle, auch die schwarzen/grauen Electribes. Die Petition zum Thema wurde inzwischen aktualisiert (Ian Bradshaw statt der Entwickler des Minilogue wird adressiert und die Liste wurde korrigiert). Die Liste ist lang und daher nicht “erfüllt”, aber einige wichtige Elemente wurden erledigt – sehr wichtige sogar. Wem das nicht reicht, kann hier wählen gehen.
Diskussionen zu den Electribes gibt es natürlich im Forum hier: Korg Electribe Sampler 2S …

Achtung: wer bei OS 1.15 ist muss erst OS 1.16 aufspielen und DANACH erst OS 2.02 sonst erscheint “invalid file”.
korg os 2.02

The Electribes got a blue/red colour scheme and a new OS 2.02.

the OS was highly appreciated but it may not be what the Petition wanted Korg to do. it has been updated as well. So it may not be obsolete – but very very important things have been done:

  • Chain function – plays multiple patterns in succession.
    Pattern parameters Global parameters
    CHAIN TO “Off” or Chain to “patternname”
    – means you can set any pattern to be played with a pattern – so you set another name/number of a pattern there – so this is a clever work around for appending patterns – so the limit of 4 is no longer a problem – it can be longer than the older electribes. The way it was implemented is perfect for programming long patterns but not made for performance – it can be switched off via a global switch and exactly that is a very very good solution to the “64 step problem”!

• Added an UNDO function.
for parameter edit, sequence recording, or Erase.
–> hold down the shift button and press the < button.
• Added an “Original Value” function that indicates the saved value of the parameters.

• Reduced load/save time samples.

so some parts of the petition are done.

  • Download V2.02 OS – Sampler – please note – if you are at 1.15 update to 1.16 first and then to 2.02 because you get “invalid” message and no update.
    NOTE: it’s 2 OS’es for Electribe and Electribe Sampler!
  • the Synth has it’s own OS. Can be found at Korg.com as well.

electribe 2

Hilfreich / helpful (made for the older one) -> here: Sampler 2S (2015)

ah, Ableton brings 9.7 shortly.. which will bringt Slices to the Push 1 and other little updates.

Polyphonic Behringer Analog Synthesizer – 3 videos (3.rd update): 2 DCOs, 2 LFOs, Sync

Ein wenig “roländisch” sieht es aus, der neue polyphone analoge Behringer Synthesizer. Man sieht ein paar Szenemenschen, die ihn bestaunen durften. Er kommt: News zum Behringer Synthesizer 2016

behringer 4 behringer poly
4 voices.. (minimum)4 voice

watch video 3..
it’s polyphonic!

Vile Electrodes, Richard Divine and others show to us ..
the new Behringer – a bit hidden and Rolandish in layout. Well the name may not be Eurosynth EX8000 but listen, it sounds quite cool.

they said “around 500€” – so let’s check how much it actually is.

btw: so happy they asked Vile Electrodes, they are cute in everything they do.

Looks like the MIDAS-Team ist the only one envolved, since it is an all-UK group until now showing and wowing it.
I count 29 white keys –  it’s 4 octaves then. for a monophonic synth it might be a bit too much – so big hope for polyphony of up to 6 voices could be – but none of the demos are polyphonic.

the synth has: 2 DCOs, ADSR Envelope (it says “envelope” but could be more than one), Sync (do I hear it at the beginning) – yes- it’s 2 OSCs! – does it? well – maybe sync isn’t for OSC sync but for some LFO/Arp ext. Sync? We don’t know – so we are still in wait-mode. it’s 2 LFOs! (confirmed).
and PWM per OSC. Note that DCO means analog sound but controlled digitally! so it is analogue!

2nd video (don’t know the people in here, but..)

2 lfos

… but it is a real synth, less juni’ish but a bit like the looks of it or polysix or so, but it has all those features we expect it to have. and yes, they have the power – that’s the Midas team since they aquired them (and the X32) and all their analogue expertise.

we had so many guesses and stuff.


detail 4 detail 2 detail 3

behringer behringer 2 behringer 3

No News News 3: Depeche Mode Gear, Pocket Calculator Synth Zont, Max-style FX, Modular Music Channel …

  1. Just picked up this image for Depeche Mode producing their new album (it says) in Santa Barbara Studios (USA) – we don’t know if it’s true or authentic – but seems so. Since it IS from them and it is said they already have recorded it. So expect the album to come.
    there is modular stuff: KOMA Komplex Sequencer, the one in the front seems Make Noise and many more – no non modulars für DM? Since Martin brought us “MG” as an album maybe it gets non-sampling like the last album of DM and Martin Gore.. right? – I enjoyed both …DM
  2. Modular Music – I think it deserves it’s own channel not just images…
    Modular-Musik braucht einen eigenen: Modularmusik-Kanal
  3. I mentioned this Pocket Calculator Synthesizer at the Forum: Taschenrechner Zont & Gearnews
    it reminds of the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators, but it’s ONE device for all tasks – and there are 4 cartridges (coloured) that add sounds and edits. Will be there in 2017 – not too much said about it on their site (so far) but looks cool.
  4. -> Moebius Lab is a Max/MSP App with 2×6 “slots” rangin including spectral FX for iOS.
    screen480x480-1 screen480x480

  5. (Frustrations about: Behringer Synthesizer 2016 and Google Requests to fusion your accounts for “being a better target” for ads: Google verbindet Konten..)
  6. Workshop: Platten auflegen und die Sounds nachbauen in Köln beim Sound Hackspace am 30.7. – jetzt anmelden. mit BobHumid und Moogulator
    Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-15 um 19.36.59

  7. SynMag nicht vergessen.. ;)

    SynMag 57 - Das Synthesizer-Magazin kommt: 29.7.2016
    SynMag 57 – Das Synthesizer-Magazin kommt: 29.7.2016

Musotalk: Behringer Synth, Matrixbrute und Aktuelles – Synthitalk

Wir reden über Synth-Themen, danach erstmal Sommerpause.

> Der Behringer Synthesizer kommt!

Analoge / Modulare steuern Ableton mit Skinnerbox (Max4Life)
– wir waren in diesem Video unterwegs:

> Moogulators No News News (darin der schwarze
Tom Oberheim TVS, Pro Analog Synthesizer, für den Mr. Q und Non Eric schwärmten.

Oberheim Two Voice , TVS1, 2Voice Analog Synthesizer besteht aus 2 SEM, Synthesizer Expander Module welche es auch heute wieder neu zu kaufen gibt als Tom Oberheim SEM, Synthesizer Expander Module , Sem Pro 

> Matrix Brute Filter

> Sounds & Libarian Software für MIniloque

und einige Themen, die sich “so ergeben”. Wir redeten dann noch bis stumpf tief in den Nachmittag hinein..
Musotalk Team

Ich erwähnte noch EMS kurz – das aktuelle SynMag 57 ebenfalls – das sieht so aus:

SynMag 57 - Das Synthesizer-Magazin kommt: 29.7.2016
SynMag 57 – Das Synthesizer-Magazin kommt: 29.7.2016


“wir” waren:

Thorsten “Q” Quaesching > picture palace music spielt Synthesizer und ist Komponist und “Musical Director” bei Tangerine Dream & Picture Palace Music.

“Moogulator” > Synmag.de ist Gründer und Chefredakteur des Synthesizermagazins und der Macher hinter>sequencer.de.
Und im August bin ich dann in Berlin wegen Livegigs, mal sehen ob da was geht, vermutlich aber nicht…

Tom Wies > Synthanatomy ist Blooger aus Wien

SynMag 57 – Das Synthesizer-Magazin kommt: 29.7.2016

Vorankündigung: SynMag 57 – Das Synthesizer-Magazin kommt 29.7.2016

SynMag 57 - Das Synthesizer-Magazin kommt: 29.7.2016
SynMag 57 – Das Synthesizer-Magazin kommt: 29.7.2016


Synth & FX

  • Arturia Synclavier V – Der große Name – was kann es?
  • Sugar Bytes Factory – Semimodular
  • 2nd Sense Audio – Wiggle – Mehr als FM?
  • Madrona Labs Virta – Vocoder “anders”
  • Kilohearts FX


  • Celemony Melodyne 4 – im Alltag
  • Akai MPD232 Controller & Sequencer in einem
  • C3S – Gema-Alternative

Live Gigs

  • Filmen mit Zoom QN8 oder Panasonic FZ200?
  • E-Tropolis – Konzerte
  • WGT Bericht

Maschinen gucken

  • Erica Synths – die Modularhersteller im Interview
  • Florian Kupfer
  • Roboterwerke/Wunderwerke – Das schräge Kollektiv
  • Modular Synthesizer Meeting “Happy Knobbing” 2016 – G33k5@Work


  • Buchtipp: Rob Papen


Peter Zinovieff – about EMS @ Klanglabor KHM Köln / Cologne

Peter Zinovieff, (Co-Founder of EMS with David Cockerell, Robin Wood, etc…) gave us some words on 9.July.


His first pre-EMS works with computers in the 60s, studio work and founding of EMS – Electronic Music Studios, the Putney Studio and the product that never made it – a very deep filter system – which was actually not produced, but prototyped and the musical works – and q&a at the end of the speech. Thank you Peter for coming and permission to post the speech – note that this wasn’t made for posting – it’s just a phone and was just intended for me to remember it. The Eurorack-Modular and that Computer was / is part of the cologne lab at the khm for the students. we were a small group of data-hungry humans – and we were fed.
(the concert “yesterday” he mentions was this one.)


the EMS Synthi A(KS) looks like this (nothing special just for those who’ve never seen one)

8.7. Köln – Peter Zinovieff (EMS Founder) & Lucy Railton, Matt Wand

Köln (Cologne), Alte Feuerwache – Reihe M:
(im Forum angekündigt: 8.7. Köln, Matt Wand, Peter Zinovieff (EMS) und Lucy Railton)

-> the KHM Klanglabor Q&A with Peter Zinovieff is here

Peter Zinovieff, Gründer von EMS (in den 70ern) hatte heute eine Vorführung und Konzert mit Cellistin Lucy Railton. Er spielte einige seiner Werke. Ja, einige Nerds waren sicher auch wegen der Gründung der Electronic Music Studios hier, aber daran erinnerte Peter primär mit seiner Kleidung.

Peter Zinovieff Lucy Railton Lucy Railton Peter Zinovieff

thank you Peter for the EMS Synthi AKS
Bunker Noise III

Ein anderer EMS User spielte schon in der Reihe M in Köln, Thomas Lehn..

Davor baute Matt Wand langsam im Saal Nanoloop-Minigameboys aus, die kleine Sequenzen und Noises spielten. Jeder davon in einem Gefäß mit Minispeakern. Man konnte (und sollte auch, so Matt) umher gehen und sich alles ansehen und hören, von wo welche Sounds kamen. Ein Spiel mit dem Raum.

Matt Wand Matt Wand 2 Wand Plan one of them matt performance

I just saw Matt Wand, who placed little gadgets with nanoloop in the hall, to make them sound from everywhere – they played sequences and noises and everyone was invited to stand up and have a listen within the room – after that Peter “EMS” Zinovieff showed us where it all started, played and explained some of his works – he stopped in 1975 and started over in 2K, Lucy Railton joined to play the Cello in the last works. nice fluffy atmosphere, not like the german “neue musik” performers / composers / conductors like Stockhausen ;)

thank you so much, Peter, for the EMS..


more-> the KHM Klanglabor Q&A with Peter Zinovieff is here

synthesizer drum machines music mac iOS & nerdic walking

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